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​Terms and Conditions

Purchase service process

  1. After the customer's payment is successful, he will receive a confirmation email from Jinshang Medical to confirm the successful payment.

  2. Jinshang Medical will call the customer to make an appointment for the time and place of the physical examination within 1-2 working days during office hours.

  3. Customers can also call for inquiries or make an appointment by calling the center one working day after the order is confirmed (Tel: 3708 1825).

Suitable age 

The health check-up plan is only applicable to persons aged 16 or above.

validity period

All services and physical examination plans purchased on the company's website are valid for one year, and customers must accept relevant examinations within one year (from the date of confirmation of payment). Customers must make an appointment for relevant examinations one month in advance, and they will become invalid after the due date.


After the health examination, under normal circumstances, it takes about 7 working days to follow up the inspection report, and the working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The time for explaining the queuing report will be extended according to different circumstances (such as the time required for individual laboratory items or the specific time period specified by the customer).

A. Local and overseas customers:

(1) Pick up in person: go to the testing center in person

(2) Telephone explanation report (self-collection report)

(3) Telephone explanation report (mail report)

Self-collection report time:

Monday to Saturday - 3pm - 6:30pm

mail report

a. $15 postage for local surface mail; $30 postage for registered mail;

b. A postage of $50 will be charged in China or Macau;

c. Overseas charges $100 postage

B. Domestic customers

(1) Pick up in person: go to the testing center in person

(2) SF Express report (the customer will call back to listen to the report)

The freight is paid by the customer


a. If the customer has completed the telephone or face-to-face interpretation service, if he asks for an explanation, an additional $230 analysis report fee will be charged.

b. If the customer does not pick up the report within three months after the physical examination, all the reports will be destroyed and will not be saved. If the customer needs to request a copy of the report

(within three months after the physical examination), an administrative fee of $150 will be charged. NOTE: Copies of this report may not be complete.

c. Customers are responsible for mailing reports at their own risk.

d. All physical examinations are not for medical diagnosis or treatment purposes. If you need to write a doctor’s referral letter, an additional charge of $230 will be charged.

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